User's Manual

The ÁChameleon user's manual gives more detailed information about the capabilites of this product, and documents the commands that can be sent to the embedded command interpreter, and what they do.

Manuel Utilisateur

Le manuel utilisateur en franšais fournit des informations dÚtaillÚes sur les capacitÚs du ÁChameleon, et documente les commandes qui peuvent ŕtre envoyÚes Ó l'interprÚteur de commandes embarquÚ, ainsi que leurs effets.

Firmware Upgrader

Look at the screenshot on our firmware upgrader page and see how easy it is to keep your ÁChameleon up to date.

Our firmware upgrader package contains everything you need to boost your ÁChameleon with the latest features. Simply running the setup.exe program inside the .zip installs the upgrader application. The latest firmware image is included in the package.

Our hardware protected boot means you can never end up with a locked device. If your PC fails during a ÁChameleon firmware upgrade, simply try again !

Test Application

Our test application, ÁChameleon Control, as shown in this screenshot, lets you play with the basic digital and analog I/O features of the ÁChameleon without having to write any code. Plug a potentiometer, a LED, some buttons or sensors, and connect them to your ÁChameleon so you can see right away how it works.

By showing you the messages that are exchanged between your ÁChameleon and your PC, each time you perform an action in its graphical user interface, it is a great learning tool to understand what you will need to write your own applications.

The source code for this program is now available, so you can use it as a starting point for your own applications. Feel free to look at the projet sources right now.

You can download the latest version of the ÁChameleon control installer right now.

USB Connection Viewer for Windows

USBView is a free utility from Microsoft that displays the USB connection tree and shows the USB devices that are connected to it together with their configuration data. This is very useful for debugging USB enumeration errors. USBView runs under Windows 98, ME, 2000 and XP.

USBView is available for download as a .zip file by clicking here.

USB Connection Viewer for Linux

As with the Windows version, this displays a connection tree of all the USB devices connected to the PC.

A version of USBView is available for Linux from:


Because new features are constantly added, your ÁChameleon will improve over time. With its flash memory and Firmware Upgrader software, the most recent features are just a click away !

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Board version

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