Firmware Upgrader

Because new features are constantly added, your ÁChameleon will improve over time. With its flash memory and Firmware Upgrader software, the latest features are just a click away !

Our hardware protected boot means you can never end up with a locked device. If your PC fails during a ÁChameleon firmware upgrade, simply try again !

firmware upgrader screenshot

And with fast USB communications, you're done in just a few seconds.

Our firmware upgrader package contains everything you need to boost your ÁChameleon with the latest features. Simply running the setup.exe program inside the .zip installs the upgrader application. The latest firmware image is included in the package.

Upgrade steps

Upgrading is a very straightforward process that takes only a few seconds.

Status information and diagnostics constantly guide you through the upgrade process, and thanks to our hardware boot protection feature, you shouldn't fear about making a mistake. If something goes wrong, simply try again.

When you then click the upgrade button, a progress bar at the bottom of the Firmware Upgrade frame shows you the download as it goes.


Click on the screenshot to view a higher resolution version.