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#1 2010-06-28 19:38:39

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Using chameleon with 2.4 kernel


I bought a chameleon unit to use together with a embedded 2.4 linux kernel.. I already had given up hope ever getting it to work since as far as I knew it would only with the 2.6.. however, today I read on the support page;

An other way to make it work is to reprogram the eeprom on the board with the Mprog utility, and revert it to a vanilla vid/pid that older 2.4 kernels will recognize.

So I downloaded the mprog utility.. but then what do I do? I don't really know what to select or do to make it work with 2.4..
I tested the unit on a 2.6 linux and it worked fine.. but my embedded system is on 2.4..




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