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#1 2009-11-02 15:41:56

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Excel Demo Doesn't work on MAC or WIN

I have not been able to get the  EXCEL DEMO to work on an INTEL MAC or on a WIN XP PRO. An updated DEMO for MAC from tech support doesn't work but on WIN it seems to allow the DEMO to access the Chamelion after changing the port in EXCEL to 5. If I  put values in D1:D60, they plot in the spreadsheet. If I then click the START button,  they all go to blank  and DAQ_counter changes to 1. While the macro calls for the Chamelion to flash its LED, it doesn't. Actually, when I first plug the Chamelion into power no LED comes on. After about an hour of inactivity, the LED comes on solid.Clicking STOP then redo START  crashes the macro.

I tried the Control Application and it recognizes the Chamelion but doesn't seem to acquire it for control. Clicking the buttons crashes the application.

I would appreciate any help from anyone who has this thing working. Tech Support takes forever and there must be something lost in the translation because they don't have an answer.



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