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#1 2010-02-07 20:32:57


ÁChameleon, one million SPI SCK pulses. please!

'Written by William K. Mabry, n4qa, on 07 February 2010.

'This program causes ÁChameleon to transmit one million clock pulses
'via its SCK output (pin 13) having the following traits:
'125,000 8-bit, 78125 Hz pulse trains, separated by 333.333 Ás(3 KHz)
'dead times.
'In a similar manner, one-half million 'pulses' are transmitted via
'ÁChameleon's MOSI output (pin 14), by using binary code 10101010 as
'The deadtimes are the result of the time required by ÁChameleon to
'process commands which it receives via the USB communications
'Effective SCK throughput is approximately 23 KHz.
' 1e6 SCK pulses / 43.5 seconds total elapsed time.

Private Sub Form_Load()

Open "com3" For Output As #2

Print #2, "spi prescaler 128"
Print #2, "spi polarity 1"
Print #2, "spi on"

Close #2
End Sub

Private Sub Command1_Click()

Open "com3" For Output As #2

For i = 1 To 125000
Print #2, "spi out 170"
Next i

Close #2

End Sub

This is the prelude to my ÁChameleon SPI DDS programming experiments.




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