What is the ÁChameleon ?

The ÁChameleon is a smart USB I/O interface with digital and analog inputs and outputs. Used under PC control or as an autonomous controller, it brings the power of programmable computing to your electronics projects. And because simplicity is the essence of magic, our main focus, when designing the ÁChameleon, was ease of use:

And since it's already been used in many projects, we know it will work for you too !

Who will benefit from it ?

Whether you're an engineer, student, or serious hobbyist, you'll be amazed by the variety of real-world applications you'll be able to tackle successfully with your ÁChameleon: monitor sensors and switches, control motors and relays, implement servo loops, log data, control physics and chemistry experiments, and more...

Teachers will like the fact that real applications can be built in front of the class even in the limited amount of time that's generally available.

OEM's will be able to prototype and prepare convincing demos for their prospects in a very short time.

Of course, our support staff is always ready to answer your questions, and will help you find the simplest path to success.

New : Audio Products

Bringing our analog expertise to you in the field of audio, we will soon be introducing a new line of products. We're currently working to integrate these new products into our main site, but you may want to look right now at our mini-site for audio products ...


Because new features are constantly added, your ÁChameleon will improve over time. With its flash memory and Firmware Upgrader software, the most recent features are just a click away !

And since it's already been used in many projects, we know it will work for you too !

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Board version

The ÁChameleon is now also available as a board version ! Look at our products page.

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